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Notes about Doug Brady Hifi

Doug Brady Hifi is situated in Kingsway and has a wide choice of hifi equipment. Whether it's home cinema, an ipod, a full hifi or various parts of a system, Doug Brady is an excellent place to visit. They can also offer a choice of turntables for those who still have vinyl material. There is a studio in the shop where you can try out various types of equipment and staff are always happy to advise you or answer any questions. They have an excellent team of engineers who have the knowledge in repairing hifi equipment, so that it sounds just as good as it did on the day you bought it. They have accumulated a large number of components over the years and it is their philosophy never to throw anything away because you "don't know when you might need it". In this way, they are also able to repair turntables.


There is parking outside the shop. Access into the building is by means of a very small step, which is easy for a wheelchair user to negotiate. The studio and shop are on one level and staff are always happy to help. Although there are toilet facilities, these would not be accessible for a wheelchair user. Guide or assistance dogs are welcome at all times.

Wheelchair Accessible

No Accessible Toilet Facilities

Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs Welcome

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