Accessibility in Warrington

The Warrington Access Guide is a living directory of places, services, shops and suppliers in the Warrington area. Each listing has address and contact information, a short description of what it offers, and our assessment of its accessibility. This website is regulary updated by staff and volunteers from Warrington Disability Partnership.

Mobility vehicles questionaire

My name is Craig Hunter I would be extremely grateful if you could take the time to complete this survey which forms part of my research project on the use of off road cycle routes by mobility vehicles and their interactions with other users. The survey consists of mainly yes/no questions, should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and can be accessed through this link

Hotwheels Ukulele Club

Hotwheels ukulele club was devised and set up by HelpingMinds in April 2014. The club is specifically designed for wheelchair users and to our knowledge is the World's first wheelchair-user ukulele club.
The club meet every Wednesday at 1:30 at the WDP Centre for Independent Living, Beaufort Street, Warrington. The cost of each session is £3.00 per person. Singers and players of other instruments are also very welcome to attend.

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Link: to the Promove Uk website

Have you seen the ProMove Sling ? Here is a new way to help disabled people transfer from wheelchair to, well, just about anywhere, when a hoist is often not a feasible option. Safe, comfortable, dignified and incredibly portable. Find out more at

The ProMove Sling, for when you canít take your hoist with you